Its a story of just another day in the lives of a simple family, happy until the uncanny circumstances start rippling their calm waters. As the night grows dark, the mystery deepens and so does despair.
“Aa Nisi lo” portrays the experiences and emotions endured by a family caught in a vulnerable situation and searching for a streak of hope in the perils of darkness.

With an unwarranted night as a backdrop, the story was drafted with an added tinge of a bright yellow light.Not just the story, but the untold thoughts behind it pushes each minute forward.
Yet, another reel from Vaaman Arts.

Hope you enjoy !

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Produced by: Purple Path Media & First Crush Creations


Writer and Director: Vivek Athreya
Produced by: Annu Mohan, Vijay Krishna & Hasith Goli
Cinematography: Vedaraman
Original Score: YP Chaitanya
Editing: Shashank Srinivas & Vedaraman
Co-Director: Hasith Goli
Casting Director: Geethanjali Mallavarapu
Color Grading: Viplav Nyshadam
Dubbing studio: Laxvill Studio, Hyderabad,
Sound Engineer: Venu gopal,Laxvill studio
Mixing and Mastering: AURA studio, chennai
Sound Engineer: Bob Phukan
Assistant Directors: Geethanjali Mallavarapu & Aswin Kumar
Script Associative: Hasith Goli
Script Assistance: Raghunandhan GS
Assistant Cinematographer: Vijay Krishna
Designs: Vihar S Kothamasu & Ashok Ghantasala
Production Executives: Vijay Krishna, Praveen Rangaiah, Ajay Simha & Siva Kumar
Sub Titles: Hasith Goli


Priyatham Charan
Appaji Ambarisha Darbha
Chandra Rao
Srikanth Sakhamuri
Ajay Simha
Goutham Reddy
Sreeja Reddy
Maitreyee Yarlagadda
Sunny Rattan
Geethanjali Mallavarapu
Raghunandan GS
Surendra D

Copyright: Vaaman Arts 2014. All rights reserved.