Advika Telugu Horror Independent Film

Advika Telugu Horror Independent Film

First independent film Advika Made by Harsha Annavarapu under the production of TELUGUONE.

LONLINESS – Is this a human defect or its a medicine to cure human defects – film runs with this line

Story : Advika at her childhood she will loose her parents in some accident, from that incident she made her world empty with lonliness. Orphan mother brings advika to orphan home, even there she continues her lonliness behavior and forces mother to leave her alone, but mother rejects advika’s request, thus advika escapes from orphan home !!

After some days mother comes to know that Advika has been
dead !!

One day saradhi (professor) comes to orphan home and will talk to mother about his project(LONLINESS – Is this a human defect or its a medicine to cure human defects), then mother will explain about advika and asks saradhi to know the reason behind her death !! she gives some flat adress where advika spent these days and the place where she dead !

Saradhi discuss advika’s version to his friend phani, even phani likes lonliness and asks saradhi better to stop doing research on advika. phani goes to his house there advika soul attacks phani finally phani makes a call to saradhi ! saradhi goes to phani’s house there he find some words written by advika (lonliness is dangerous). saradhi shocks !!

Sradhi goes to the flat where she spent her time after escaping from orphan home ,there ADVIKA soul follows saradhi
and will explain the reason behind her death !!

FLASH BACK starts : she wanders street by street after escaping from orphan home and accidently one person founds her and takes her to his office and explains a unbelievable fact and gives her some flat keys and adress !

who is that person ? what is the relation b/w the flat and advika ? In that flat which incidents make Advika fear ?
Is she really dead ? Who killed her, Lonliness ? (But She likes that !), then what happened ? why advika attacked saradhi’s friend ?
who is advika’s father ?

Whats the main reason behind Advika’s death ?

To know these thrilling reasons just have look on full movie of ADVIKA !!

Cast : Vida Chaithanya (Mounaa,Osey Rakshasi,Savithri), Raghu Nath Janga (Varsham Sakshiga,Savithri), VijayaLakshmi Kota, Shinning Phani (Thopu,Devadasuki Pellaindi, Nenu Naa Bhanu, O sthree repu raa), Harsha Kommana (Amavasya artharathri,Varsham sakshiga), Alekya setty.

Background Music : PVR Raja.
(Music Production)
Score composing & conducting : PVR Raja.
KEYS: Vaidhyanadhan, Sri Satya.
Strings: Subhani, PVR Raja.
Mixing: Sri satya, Mani.
Studio: Raaga,20db,PVR studios.
Additional Programming: Leelu,DileepStrings, Kiran.
Percussion: Sri Satya.

Dialogues : Sai Teja. (Manusuni thakene, Prema puranam, Lottery)

VFX : Subhramanyam Meesala.

Publicity Designer : Aneel Chinna.

Dubbing : RJ Kaaka, Nyshitha Thota (Aa gang repu), Trishool (Fun Bucket)

Asst Directors : Sreekanth, Sandeep siddharth.

Camera Asst : Mallesh Bandar.

Producer : Kantamneni Ravi Shankar.

Story – Screenplay – Cinematography – Editing – Direction : Harsha Annavarapu (Advika, Ammaintiki Daredi, House No 13, Kobbari Noone, Vedana,Idiot I Love You, Laila Majnu, Viswamantha Prema, Love Is Beautiful, Cheli Vinamani, Tholi Prema, Devadasuki Pellaindi)