Bengali Short Film – Chutti | Can a young kid survive hatred? | Pocket Films

A Bengali short film about a boy who is taken to the city by his uncle for further studies gets shocking treatment by his aunt.

An impish and happy-go-lucky boy in a West Bengal village is always up to some mischief and at the receiving end of scolding from his mother as his younger brother is always telling on him. When his uncle visits from Kolkata and offers to take the boy along and educate him, this is his big ticket to the big city. But what really is in store for him is derision from his aunt and mistreatment at the hands of his cousins. As things go from bad to worse for him, he longs for his chutti (vacations) when he can return to his mother and escape the misery. Will the wait ever end?

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Cast & Crew:
Director: Debashis Debnath
Music / Sound: Mintu Jha
Editor: Sandeep Verma
Cinematographer: Debashis Debnath
Actors: NA

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