Chori Telugu Short Film

Chori Telugu Short Film

PORI CHORI – Is a girl’s tragedy story based on true incidents. the plot goes like this… A group of 4 guys & a girl SANVI plans to rob a bank for money & makes it successfully. The reason behind the girl becoming thief is the plot in this film.

Music composed by SD Abu.
Cast : Meenakshi, JAY, Jayanth paracha, Jaya Chandra, Krishna, Chaitanya.
Crew :
Assistant Director:- Rahul Donikena
Co-Director:- Love kumar
Publicity Design:- Omkar Kadiyam
Editing:- ‘Suspense’ Cnu M.F.Tech – Wejoy Ready D.F.Tech
lyrics & Choreography:- ‘Suspense’ Cnu M.F.Tech , Jay
Montage Song Music : Pavan Kumar ( Nee Kale)
Music:- SD Abu
Technical Support:- Nag Vas
Director Of Photography:- Wejoy Ready D.F.Tech
Producers:- J.S. Lakshmi, J. Bhaskar
Story-Screenplay-Dialogues-Direction : ‘Suspense’ Cnu M.F.Tech

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