Comedy short film – NRI Shaadi(Marriage)? | What’s your Milestone? | Pocket Films

An NRI girl comes to India to Find a perfect match for herself. After rejecting many, she interviews two more guys, but will she find them suitable? #marriage #NRI #comedyshortfilms

An NRI girl’s long quest to find a perfect prospective Indian bridegroom by taking grueling interviews where she comes across a “perfect” guy who is quite demanding, possessive & greedy while another “imperfect” good-for-nothing guy with his near-perfect cheesy pick-up lines that serves to inflate her ego. Whom she would choose out of the two?
Indian arrange marriage.

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Cast & Crew:
Director: Anil Kumar Anand
Music / Sound: Amit Sharma
Editor: Amarjeet Singh
Cinematographer: Sachin Kabir & Shekhar Soni

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