Excuse Me I Love You Telugu Short Film

Excuse Me I Love You Telugu Short Film

Check out Excuse Me I Love You Telugu Short Film featuring Narendra Nath. For more 2016 Latest telugu short films stay tuned to Lumiere Cinema.

Camera, Concept, Dialogues, Direction : NARENDRA NATH Y
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Editing & Direction Team : THARUN
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Excuse Me..I Love You! Telugu Short Film Directed by Narendra Nath ft. Bharan Kumar and Divija Rao exclusively on Lumiere Cinema and music composed by Ajay Arasada.

Excuse Me..I Love You! short film also stars Aparna Malladi, Pranali Shah, Tejaswi Kuppala, Sunil Kumar, Master Dhanush and Kid Smarana.

Cast and Crew Details:
Music : Ajay Arasada,
DI : Bhanu
Publicity Designs : Omkar Kadiyam

Trivia & Facts:
• Zero budget was spent on Production.
• Only a monopod was used as the equipment.
• Shot in 4 days in 8 Locations.
• Zero Rupees was spent on Locations.

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