Following Ep 3 – A Kasyap Film

Following Ep 3 – A Kasyap Film

Following – India’s First Web Series, Hope you like the trailer and watch the series!
We have made this series with the cost of 10k rupees ONLY!! Number of working days were 12
Cameras Used : Cannon 550D Lenses : 85mm and a Fish eye lens

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Cast :: Raghava, Surya Bandarupalli , Rama Rao R V , Sri Harsh , Sriram Adittya ,
Ashish kennedy , Prasad (JD) , Master Nikil , Master Madhav, Dr. Rama Rao, Kasyap

Crew :
Asst. Directors : Sinjith Y, Hareesh Neela, Manovikas , Shiv kumar , Ashish
Lyrics : Rakesh Sharma Editing :: Kasyap & Shiv kumar Theme Music : Emmanuel Praveen Kumar , Written by – Kasyap & Vishal