FRUITS Telugu Web Series EP07 || పెళ్లిGayల

FRUITS Telugu Web Series EP07 || పెళ్లిGayల

8th Episode on June 8th Thursday 2017

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FRUITS stands for Friends Routed Under Irrelevant Typical Scenarios.

Cast – Asha Muntha, Dinesh Tej, Manne Dhanush Chowdary, Harry Cena,
Writers – Darelli Vijay Bhaskar, Krishna Teja
Assistant Director – DT Pavan
DOP – Sekhar Boon, DT Pavan
Editing – BSP Roy
Sound Mix – Srujan Shashanka
DI – Nani Lukka
Producers – Rahul Tamada, Saideep Borra
Executive Producer – Padma Kasturirangan
Screenplay & Direction – Deva Ganesh

There’d be no FRUITS without Sri Harsha Basava.

We thank JIO which played a crucial role in making FRUITS.