Harivillu-Colours of life Telugu Award Winning Short Film

Harivillu-Colours of life Telugu Award Winning Short Film

A story about basic emotions which we encounter daily in your complex world, based on a book which we created for the short film. Winner of the Silent Short Film Competition Conducted by Puri Jagannadh and Sakshi Media.

In this Harivillu-Colours of life short films, describes most of rasa’s between three persons about love. In Indian aesthetics, a rasa (Sanskrit: रस lit. ‘juice’ or ‘essence’) denotes an essential mental state and is the dominant emotional theme of a work of art or the primary feeling that is evoked in the person that views, reads or hears such a work.

Although the concept of rasa is fundamental to many forms of Indian art including dance, music, musical theatre, cinema and literature, the treatment, interpretation, usage and actual performance of a particular rasa differs greatly between different styles and schools of abhinaya, and the huge regional differences even within one style.

Cast –
Nitin Nash as Nitin
Athira Raj as Sruthi
Siddartha as City Boy
Ravana Bhrama as Girls Brother

Cinematography- Rakesh kolanchi
Music – Ravi Nidamarthy & Varun Saurya
Assistant Directors- N Kiran, Harsha Gullapalli, & Mandadapu Satyapramod
Promotional Patner- Runway Reels
Editing, Sound Effects & Color Grading – Srinivas Mangalam
Production Design – Chaitanya Karamala & Srinivas Mangalam

Written and directed by Srinivas Mangalam