Humanity Knows No Borders Short Film – “KITE… The messenger” | Pocket Films

#Humanity does not have a religion, then why this hatred? This is the message a young boy, who lives near the

If the world is one, then why the borders are created? If the colour of the Blood is Red then why the Hearts are different? If there is one Religion of Humanity then why this Hatred? These are the questions of the son of a tea vendor, 11-year-old Hussen who lives near the border of Pakistan. In a country like Pakistan, where ism is thriving, Hussen successfully tried to deffuse the attack, plotted by militants, by sending a message to Hindustan, through a kite. Through the message Hussen created an example of humanity, which is far above

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Cast & Crew:
Director: Partha Sarathi Manna
Music / Sound: Surender Sodhi
Editor: Sadique Iqbal
Cinematographer: Amit singh ami

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