India’s #1 Real Life Trick Shots || Abha

India’s #1 Real Life Trick Shots || Abha

We came back with Trick Shots this time! . For the First time in India, Abha is attempting INDIA’s #1 Real Life Trick Shots. #Exclusive

Attempted wide variety of Trick Shots that can happen in everyday life. Every shot in the video is real.
#Playing Card #Spoon #ThreeSpoonFlip #Reverse Bottle Flip

There is one small mistake in the video! .Comment below if you can find it. 🙂 #HuntMistake

Cast: Ajay Rathode
Prasad Babu Vittala
Sudheer Kumar Vaddi
Abha Plant: The Nature 🙂
Concept directed by : Ajay Rathode.

Music Provided By: No CopyrightSounds (NCS)
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