ISTAMTHO Telugu Short Film

ISTAMTHO Telugu Short Film

“ISTAMTHO” || 2016 Latest Telugu Shortfilm || Directed by Anvesh Alladi || Openeye Movies
“ISTAMTHO” (Every Girl Must Watch) Shortfilm by Anvesh Alladi
“ISTAMTHO” – When you are in a relationship, try to express to your PARENTS then you will be in a wonderful FEELING

One of the most challenging milestones in an Indo-intercultural relationship is the process of telling the Indian parents about your foreign girlfriend/boyfriend.

A lot of people don’t realize how difficult and complicated this process is, until you are in a relationship with an Indian. It requires a LOT of sensitivity, and timing is also key. Many foreign partners do not understand this process and can get very impatient. It can be the source of a lot of stress in an intercultural relationship – especially for the Indian partner, most of all…

Indian parents are not your average parents. Many are basically helicopter parents – on steroids. Many are typically heavily involved in all their children’s life choices – from career, to choice in spouse, and they even meddle in their children’s hopes and aspirations. A lot of Indian families have a closeness that Western families do not have – whether it is by living together in joint families, or celebrating one of the many Indian holidays together – a sense of constant “togetherness”. However, oftentimes, along with that closeness comes co-dependence and Indian parents can be so involved in their child’s life that they can project their own hopes and dreams onto their child – and the child is raised to please, instead of make their own choices first. Duty and obligation to one’s family is strived for in traditional Indian families.

With all of these factors, it is no surprise that most of our Indo-intercultural relationships blossom when the Indian partner is living abroad, away from their parents – and is able to be free, away from prying eyes, and able to make their own decisions.
Casting : Naresh Katta || Ramya Goberu || Sunny Jonathan
Written & Directed by Anvesh Alladi