Java vs .Net Telugu short film

Java vs .Net is romantic love story. Sandeep is calling java and Ashwani is calling Dot Net. In between a cute love story, but suddenly…?

Java vs .Net is love story problem caused due to Caste Feeling.I still remember my own discovery of caste. I was a ten-year-old representing the 6th Standard in an inter-class theatrical event at which the 8th Standard’s sketch featured “Chintu” (Rishi) Kapoor, younger son of the matinee idol and producer Raj Kapoor, later to become a successful screen heartthrob in his own right. I had acted, elocuted a humorous poem and MCed my class’s efforts to generous applause, and the younger Kapoor was either intrigued or disconcerted, for he sought me out the next morning at school.

But could it be that his attitude reflects not so much casteism as an admission of its diminished appeal as a badge of identity? Had Sardesai celebrated the elevation of two Campionites, or even two Oxonians, in the same spirit, no one would have objected (except maybe people who went to rival educational institutions). But isn’t it possible that his unreflective celebration of two GSBs suggests that his attitude to caste is so casual that he thinks of it as nothing more than the equivalent of any one of the other labels he can also claim?

Production No : 3

smt Anjali Chennarapu
Smt meharunnisa shaik
smt Jayalakshmi Beta


Special thanks to

Sivaji Raja
Movie Artist Association (MAA) General Secretary
Censor Board Member(Advisory Panel) Hyderabad.

V S Bharathi
Censor Board Member(Advisory Panel) Hyderabad.

Butterfly Creative Arts

story writer : Nagaraju Chennarapu

Script design : Srikanth Eppa

Dialogs, Screenplay and Direction : Srikanth Eppa

Producers : Nagaraju Chennarapu,
Khalid Arman and
Kishor Beta

Co – Producers : Prasanna M
Vijetha Y
Srujana V

Banner : Nash Entertainers

Sandeep (java)
Ashwini (Dot Net)
Baby Jesmitha
Bhavanya S
Pranavi M
Navaneeth G
Goutham G

cinematography : Navendu Jha & Dhanu Kv
Making : Sunil, Sandeep Rao

Music : Bobby

Stereo Mix By

Sudhakar Mario

Editing : Vikram Talasila

Media partners
Nash Teamworks

Publicity & Social Media design

Pujitha Chowdary C
Rajitha Chowdary K