KITIKI Kitukulu Telugu Short Film

KITIKI Kitukulu – What inspires you ? What is personal to you ? And what do you sustain on?…..
Some believe Personal, Professional and the Imaginative aspects of our lives are mutually exclusive. ‘Kitiki Kitukulu’ tells a story about these three aspects in a creative individual’s life. Anvesh, the protagonist believes in not allowing these three aspects of his life conflict. But what happens when he is unable to prevent it from happening? Compelled by Bala and having had his work ridiculed by his girl friend Kaamakshi, Anvesh resorts to something that opens up a new window of thoughts, but questions his moral integrity.

SWAPNIKA RAAGAMAYEE (Girl in the Window)
RUPAK RONALDSON (Guy in writer’s dream)
SRI USHA (Bala’s Voice)

Special Thanks to :
Jagadeesh Chandra . Amropali Debnath . Gowri Ronanki . Twinkle Kapdi . Arun Ghosh . Haritha Nori .
Location Courtesy : Mr. & Mrs. Rani Rams
Titles and Technical Assistance : Srimukh Sai (Doli)
Poster Design by Shirin Sriram
Co-Directed by Bhargava Ram
Additional Photography : Nav Yav , Erukulla Rakesh
Subtitles : Prerna Adi
Screenplay by Shirin Sriram , Kranthi Reddy
Poems by Sweccha
Music : Anup Chowdary
Produced by Acharya Anirudh , Srujan Sriram , Katta Nagaraj , Samar
Photographed, Written, Directed and Edited by Shirin Sriram . .
Telugu / Eng subtitles / Colour / 20 min / July 2011 / Nov 2013