Kotha Pelli Kuthuru Telugu Short Film

Kotta pelli kuthuru  short film Directed by Manikanta ,Produced by Padmanabha Reddy ,U&I Entertainments.

Story Brief:

Kotta pelli kuthuru(New bride) is thriller short film about bride who died in a house after all his family and husband died at an accident. After death of  Kotta pelli kuthuru, her soul stays at same house.Yes, it’s true, millions of people believe ghosts exist, but note that some are convinced ghosts were once human too. They had dreams like us, a family, jobs, and homes.

Here ghost stay in same house. Fact is after death her family and husband, bride came to same house and without eating food, she died after many days and become ghost. Anything that indicates that something changed. If you lost something, be sure to loop and suspect anything, it is all possible!.

In this short film, ghost call person girl friend at mid night and promises to friend to give money of 5000 rs.


cast : Sandeep katakam , meghana , suresh, pranav
concept :Manikanta
Screenplay : Arun bhemavarapu
DOP : Abhilash , Manikanta
Music : Trinath
Special Music support : Rajesh arya
Editor : Rahul Red infinity
Producer : padmanabha reddy

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