Maaya | Ep 4 – ‘And They Met’ | Hindi Web Series

Maaya | Ep 4 – ‘And They Met’ | A Hindi Web Series

Rahul reveals to his lawyer why his wife is upset with him and how he managed to find Maaya. Abhishek in the meanwhile discovers that Sonia is losing track of time and he needs to know her secret in a hurry.

Maaya, a brand new erotic love story is filmmaker Vikram Bhatt’s first web series directorial.

Cast: Shama Sikander, Vipul Gupta, Veer Aryan, Aradhya Taing, Parina Chopra.
Written & Directed by: Vikram Bhatt
Produced by: Loneranger Productions Pvt. Ltd.
Screenplay: Vikram Bhatt &Tanya Pathak
Dialogues: Anupam Santosh Saroj
DOP: Pravin Bhatt
Production Designer: Sandeep Suvarna
Executive Producer: Dharmendra Rawal
Editors: Kuldeep Mehan & Sudhir Mehan
Creative Head: Krishna Bhatt
Music Director: Harish Sagane
Lyrics: Vijay Vijawatt
Action: Abbas Ali Moghul
Costume: Aashish Dwyer
VFX & DI: Pixel D Studios

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