Married Woman Diaries – The Goodie Bag | Ep 03 | S01 | Hindi Web Series | Sony LIV | HD

Married Woman Diaries – The Goodie Bag | Ep 03 | S01 | Hindi Web Series | Sony LIV | HD

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Rishi’s mother has decided to stay with them until she cures Rishi of his Lazy Sperm. Shweta is describing to her audience the horror that is her mother in law. While cracking various Mother in Law jokes she comes up with a plan. The secret of Goodie Bag. But does she succeed? Watch the hilarious Episode 3 of Married Woman Diaries to find out.

Married Woman Diaries :
Married Woman Diaries is a humorous take on the lives of an urban couple seen through the eyes of a married woman . Her fun, aggressive and passionate take on constantly changing dynamics of a relationship makes this new web series romantic, filled with drama and lots of laughs!

Every day a new summit every day a new reason to fall in love. Each new episode showcases an issue the couple deals within their daily life.

After all this is a journey of just being married…

Cast Of Married Woman Diaries :
Shweta, 29, played by Suzanna Mukherjee, originally from Pune; She is a popular standup comedian who first met her husband Rishi at a media convention. Rishi, 31 years old, played by Abhishek Rawat is a thorough Mumbai boy and works as a senior marketing manager in an Ad agency.
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