Married Woman Diaries | Secret Affair | Ep 07 | S01 | Hindi Web Series | Sony LIV | HD

Married Woman Diaries | Secret Affair | Ep 07 | S01 | Hindi Web Series | Sony LIV | HD

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Episode 06 Description :
Shweta & Rishi have been fighting a lot of late and Shweta feels that a relationship expert can help them sort out these mior differences. But as it always happen, things doesn’t go as planned and takes hilarious turns when the Doctor ends up drinking a lot Rishi’s favorite Scotch & hitting on Shweta instead.

Married Woman Diaries :
Married Woman Diaries is a humorous take on the lives of an urban couple seen through the eyes of a married woman . Her fun, aggressive and passionate take on constantly changing dynamics of a relationship makes this new web series romantic, filled with drama and lots of laughs!

Every day a new summit every day a new reason to fall in love. Each new episode showcases an issue the couple deals within their daily life.

After all this is a journey of just being married…

Cast Of Married Woman Diaries :
Rishi has been behaving weird off late. Shweta thinks that she is having a secret affair outside and is determined to have her man back come what may. She has a surprise planned for him. Little does she know that Rishi has planned his own surprise.
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