Pilla Pillagadu Web Series Episode 4 || Telugu Web Series || Z Flicks Originals

Pilla Pillagadu Web Series Episode 4 || Telugu Web Series || Z Flicks Originals

Hello! guys, Hope you have been enjoying the ‘Pilla Pillagadu’ The latest Telugu Web Series of 2018. We now present you the fourth episode of ‘Pilla Pillagadu’ Web Series. Enjoy watching this popular Telugu web series, share it with your family and friends and make this web series a must watch Telugu web series.

‘Pilla Pillagadu’ a ZFLICKS presentation, is a 7 episodic- Telugu Web Series starring the fresh talent namely Sai Teja Kalvakota, Kanchan Bamane and Mani Aegurla in the prominent roles. Directed by Sumanth Prabhas & produced by Swetha Katakam under the banner of Zuriel Studios & in association with Film and Television Institute of Hyderabad, ‘Pilla Pillagadu’ the Telugu Web Series on YouTube has become very popular in its short span of teaser release. Thank you for all the love.

This web series is designed for audience who like Telugu web series comedy genre very much. Let us know what you think about this Telugu Web Series in the comment section, and also what kind of content you would like to see from us in the future.

►Show : Season 1
►Episode: 4
►Release date: 06-04-18
►Running time: 7:49
►Actors: Sai Teja Kalvakota,Kanchan Bamane,Mani Aegurla
►Director:Sumanth Prabhas
►Producer: Swetha Katakam
►Assistant Director: Durga Prasad
►Co-Director: Hemanth Tantravahi
►DI : Shabbeer B
►Title Animation:Srinivas Thota
►Publicity Designing : Aneel Kumar C
►SFX and Dubbing Engineer: Uday Kiran Katheramalla
►Cinematography: Tushar Bhandari
►Editing:Harshavardhan Reddy N
►Music : Vamshi Krishna Keys
►Dialogues: Sumanth Prabhas
►Category:Web Originals

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