Rao Gaari Abbayi – From USA Telugu Short Film

Rao Gaari Abbayi – From USA Telugu Short Film

Watch the latest Telugu short film ‘Rao Gari Abbayi – From USA’.

Though we move to different places for better education, better jobs and better money there’s always heart for warmth love from parents and memories from our own place. Isn’t it? Childhood memories always swing in front of our eyes and take us to the lane of nostalgic memories. All the priorities stand up from the love and then, we choose to move on.

The story here shows, the relation between dad and son, one who’s looking for love, other who’s up with his priorities!

►Starring – Gururaj Manepalli, Kireeti Damaraju
►Camera- Srikanth
►Editor – Madee
►Music- Karthik .M
►Presented by E3 Media
►Produced by BFC
►Concept , Written, Directed by Harish Nagaraj