Son spoils relationship with his mother because of a phone – Marathi Film – Ek chukalela Nirnay

A young boy loses his cool after his mom takes away his cell phone. His mom realises that it was a mistake to give a smart phone to him, but is it already too late?

An innocent young boy, Sahil, manages to get a smart phone from his parents as a birth day gift. Soon he forgets his studies, friends, sports, etc. He starts spending most of his time with his phone for chatting and playing games. His mother worries about his obsession with the phone and regrets her decision to gift him a phone. One day, in anger, she snatches the phone from him and then everything changes. Save your children from the side effects of cell phones, is the message conveyed by this short film.

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Cast & Crew:
Director: Ravindra Kasture
Music / Sound: NA
Editor: Hitendra Parab
Cinematographer: Sumant Shirodkar
Actors: Sahil Kasture,Omi Panchal,Ranjana Kasture,Jaykishen Nancy,Rohan Nikalankar

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