The Virus Telugu Short Films

‘The Virus’, a biological thriller, is about a deadly contagion that spreads in a residential campus. The authorities call for complete evacuation. Later, one man wakes up in the evacuated premises. Why is he left out? How is he related to the cause of the contagion? These questions form the rest of the story.
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Cast: Manne Ashish, Satya Reddy, Mohan Suri, Sushma Raghavi
Written & Directed by: Vamsi Suman
Shot by: Ravi Chandra Mouli
Music composed by: Achyuth Muthyam & Geetasai Srivatsav
Edited by: Manish Gudi, Ajay Kumar Reddy, Goutham Varanasi, Manikanta
Sound design & Mixing: Vamsi Suman –