A Street Dog’s Life | Bengali Short Film – Kutta (Stray Dog) | Pocket Films

Everyone kicks and abuses this poor stray dog. But one day, his luck changes and then what happens? Watch this emotional short film to find out.

“Kutta” is a Bengali abusive word meaning stray dog. A shelter-less dirty dog and his human friend, who is a poor homeless fellow, both are called by this name. When the world at several stages looks upon them as mere “dirty” objects, avoids them or demoralizes their character, a priest lends his loving care to it and transforms it from a “stray animal” to a “temple dog” – making it a pure and holy being. This amazing transition is captured in this emotional Bangla short film.

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Cast & Crew:
Director: Shubhayan Chandra
Music / Sound: www.bensound.com
Editor: Shubhayan Chandra
Cinematographer: Sushanta Dhar

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