Ek Red Color Ki Love Story | Short Film | By Annie Zaidi

Soofi is a young woman who lives alone, and has a weakness for poetry. One morning, she gets a text message that reads like poetry. Soon, these anonymous texts invade her life. The sender, who calls himself Lal Mann (red-heart), draws her eye to the poetry embedded in their metropolis.She is first intrigued and then she grows involved with the idea of a faceless poet-lover. Despite warnings from her best friend, Soofi sets out to meet him. But will he show up?The film was inspired by the loneliness of a concrete jungle like Mumbai, and the sight of thousands of people clinging to their cell phones for emotional support. It was made by a two-member team criss-crossing the city with a digital camera, and filming the city as it appears to us in our daily commutes.