Naveena || Telugu Short Film || Directed By Pavan Daggupati

Naveena || Telugu Short Film || Directed By Pavan Daggupati

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Naveena || New Telugu Short Film 2019 || Directed By Pavan Daggupati

“Sarayu and Kishore, two people with different qualities are in love with each other. Kishore tells Sarayu that his mother is willing to meet her. When Sarayu goes to Kishore’s house and meets his mother, things unfold in a manner they didn’t expect.”

Divya Dekate
Naresh Evergreen
Sujatha Gosukonda
Srinivas Bhogireddy
Lucky Sree

Makeup: Deeksha Mundada
Title and Publicity Design: BHASMA Visual Effects
Dubbing: Aparna, Krishna Priya
Singer: Ashwini Chepuri
Keyboard Programming: Siddhartha Salur
Sound Design: Nagarjuna
Script Assistance: Prudhvi Raj
Cuts and Colors: Chotu Cherry
Music and Lyrics: PR
Director of Photography: Sriraj Eluri
Produced by: Pavan Daggupati
Written and Directed by: Pavan Daggupati

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