Romantic Short Film – “Cheque Please”- remember your first date?

A guy plans his first date, but does not have enough money. He borrows money from his friends, but will his date go as planned? #Love #firstdate #propose

Amit wants to make a good impression on Sneha by taking her out to an expensive restaurant on their first date. He realizes that he is short of money to do that and loans it from wherever he could. Will the date go as planned?

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Cast & Crew:
Director: Devik Rathod
Music / Sound: Aravind Pisapati
Editor: Aravind Pisapati, Adnan Hussain
Cinematographer: Kishalay Kumar Singh, Adnan Hussain
Cast: Ajay Sambyal,Palakh Gupta,Sitanshu Sinha,Rohan Shorey

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